Thursday, May 14, 2009

Before we meet you... part 1

I went today for the scheduled appointment with the specialist then to my OB. She was not pleased to find out that my fluid had dropped again. We discussed the options available and basically decided that it was not worth the risk, after all that we've been through, to allow the pregnancy to continue. We decided upon a course of action for delivery, which is basically that we will induce slowly, mild pitocin for a few hours tonight. Followed by a little rest, then we will pick back up in the morning. I will be limited as far as how much actual "inducing" we are able to do- as there is the chance that my c-section scar might rupture if the pitocin is too strong. I am well aware that we might end up doing a repeat section at any point during this time frame. And I am totally ok with it.

The past 4 days of monitoring every kick to make sure that the baby had adequate fluid, combined with today's visit when they had to use the buzzer about 10 times to try to get the baby to respond was enough to do me in. I was physically and emotionally spent and couldn't handle much more. I was so afraid of losing this baby after we've gone this far. Needless to say, as much as I hope and pray for a vaginal delivery- I am totally ok with whatever happens just to be able to hold this little one in my arms.

11:45 PM- the nurse just came in to unplug the monitors and remove the "pit"- as it turns out I am contracting pretty regularly on my own right now. About 3 minutes apart, but only lasting about 40 seconds or so. This will make resting difficult tonight, but will be good for the desired end result. I tried to load a pic or two, but Blogger is being difficult...I will be back sometime tomorrow with an update.


Anonymous said...

Seriously need an update. How is the baby?