Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Weeks

My heart is smiling.  That is the only way to describe the joy that I am feeling right now.  This little life is moving constantly.  He or she is now kicking so strongly you can watch my belly move!  It is such an unbelievable feeling.  And as difficult as this pregnancy is for me, I am still so very blessed and honored that God has allowed me this opportunity.  And it is an opportunity that I absolutely refuse to take for granted.

Also, let me apologize for sounding so whiny last week when I bore my soul about the gestational diabetes issues.  Whenever life hands me lemons it usually takes me a week or so to figure out how to make the darn lemonade.  That just seems to be how I roll.  Things are much better now.  I had a small problem this morning where after breakfast my blood sugar was 185 instead of 120 or below- but I think I've figured out the problem and aside from that I'm doing well.  I have only had 2 times this week where my fasting blood sugar has been at the right level, so I have spoken to the nutritionist and she has me logging all of my food so they can analyze the problem to see if I need to be on medication at night.  I certainly hope that we can figure it out.  I REALLY do not want to take any more medication.  I have to tell you that after I vented last week and got all of my frustrations out, I was able to think a little more clearly and I simply made the decision to speak life to this situation.  It has made all of the difference in the world.  My attitude is better and God is able to move through it.

Last night a friend of mine blessed me with two sweet little onesies!  Since we aren't finding out what we are having I've been panicking a little bit because it is SO hard to find neutral things.  And I don't want a ton of neutral things because we have so much little girl stuff if it's a girl, and if it's a boy I want to be able to buy a bunch of sweet boy things.  But- the child will need some clothes in the hospital- clothes that are washed and ready to go!  So I was so excited to receive my first baby gift last night!  It really hit me...we are going to have a baby!  And it's going to be either a boy or a girl!  And he or she will inhabit our house and our hearts!  How blessed we are!

I know this is short and sweet, and rather boring too- but I just wanted to check in to say that I am doing so much better.  My heart is smiling, my belly is swelling and I just love every minute of it!  Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

PS- did I mention that I'm 25 weeks?!


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Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Oh my GOODNESS. Oh my stinkin' goodness!! It's been so long since I've been here that I didn't even realize you were expecting!!! I want to squeal for you--if, you know, squealing wasn't completely junior high.

I'm thrilled for you--so, so excited!