Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just Sayin'...

Well, the gender that lies within is really beginning to intrigue me a tad.  I still want to be surprised, but the guessing is quite fun.  And I'm just sayin'...that if a high heartbeat is truly indicative of a girl; then it appears that Princess Di might have indeed taken up residence in my womb. Either that or we happened to catch "new moran" right smack in the middle of his/her afternoon Jane Fonda Workout.  Because...

I went to visit my OB this afternoon and the heartbeat hovered in at around 183 beats per minute!!  

Either way- we are blessed- and that is one high, strong heartbeat!  And this little life is thriving and is growing stronger by the minute.  I had a really good visit with my Doctor.  After our little incident Monday with the Heparin she is going to speak personally with the perinatologist regarding whether or not we continue with the heparin therapy.  She made no mention again at all regarding switching to Lovenox, apparently we are either going to discontinue blood thinners completely, or just stay the course we're on.  I trust her judgement totally and completely.  I am very grateful to not make a change to Lovenox- after confirming with my insurance company exactly how much that liquid gold would actually cost out of our pocket; you know- pay the house note or switch to Lovenox.  Sheesh!  That stuff is costly! 

Also, on a side note.  I slept through all but the 1st quarter of the National Championship Game tonight.  Y'all...this is a record for me.  There was not a single Bowl game this season that I didn't catch some good Zz's during!  It's quite offensive to my husband.  He is very much used to me not missing a minute of any important sports matter~but the National Championship Game!  Seriously- I am ashamed of myself.  (But what is a girl to do when she is busy growing another human inside- I have to get my rest whenever I can...and I am T.I.R.E.D. all of the time!) However, I did wake up in time to catch some nice post game interviews- if that amounts to anything at all.  Here's to hopin' that he doesn't disqualify me from future sports watching events!  

Also, to seal the deal on making this the most random post in history- this is my 100th post!  I am probably the only blogger in history to take 2 years to post 100 times!  Oh well, so it takes me a while to finally be a part of the 100 + post club, at least I made it!

Have a good evening!


Embracing my cup said...

Congrats on your 100th post! But, a bigger congrats on the high healthy heartbeat. Let me weigh in on the guessing. Erik's nurse swears by the heartbeat method of determining sex. And, I will say that of my four boys only one ever had a rate of 180, and it was Joshua and it was when I was like 9 weeks pregnant! And, he slowed down considerably after that. My guys were always between 150-165. We rarely even hit 170. So, take that for what it is worth. It makes sense when you consider that larger animals (like elephants) have slower heartbeats and smaller animals (like mice) have faster ones. Men are bigger than women. . . Can't wait to find out!